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Biosev highlights

Biosev operates 355 000 hectares of sugarcane plantations in Brazil

Biosev sugar and ethanol mills are located in key producing regions

Biosev has the second largest sugarcane crushing capacity in the world (ca. 38 MT per year) and a ca. 1 350 GWh cogeneration export capacity per year

About Biosev's production process

Sugar is a bulk commodity produced from sugarcane, the method used by Biosev, or sugar beets. Whereas sugar beets are produced in temperate zones, sugarcane grows best in tropical areas.

Once harvested, cane or beet is crushed to extract juice. This juice can be used to produce sugar or ethanol. In the case of sugarcane, the remaining vegetable matter– bagasse – can be burned to generate power. It is used by producers to run their plant and to supply the local grid.

Due to the resulting loss of sugar content, sugarcane cannot be stored. Therefore, raw sugar is typically processed in the growing area from which it is then exported.

The main sugar products are VHP (Very High Polarization) sugar, crystal sugar (sucrose crystals domestic and export markets), CG Sugar (controlled granulometry sucrose crystals), refined sugar (for the domestic market), raw product for export to be refined at the destination, liquid sugar (high purity sucrose solution), and liquid inverted sugar (sucrose, glucose, and fructose solution).

Ethanol products are hydrous ethanol (93.1% pure fuel used as fuel for certain light vehicles), anhydrous ethanol (99.3% pure fuel, blended with regular gasoline) and neutral ethanol (used in the chemical or beverage industries). Molasses powder and dry yeast are also produced as by-products.

Biosev has an annual production capacity of approximately 2.8 MT of sugar and 1.8 MMT of ethanol.

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, with a great potential to increase production due to its vast available arable land.

1.1 MT

Biosev currently exports 1.1 million tons of sugar a year

1.1 MT

Biosev currently exports 1.1 million tons of sugar a year

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