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Cotton highlights

We're a world leader in cotton merchandizing serving all major consumption markets

We manage origination in China, Brazil, West Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia, US and other key producing regions

We're a leading originator of US cotton production

In China we hold one of the largest local networks of any foreign group for sourcing and selling of domestic cotton

Our operations in key cotton producing regions include storage, merchandizing, marketing and logistics facilities

About Cotton

Cotton is a bulk staple fiber produced from the cotton plant. It serves as the primary raw material for textiles all over the globe. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions, within latitudes that provide a long frost-free growing period of 150 or more days per year.

Once harvested, cotton fiber is separated from its seed and is traded in bales of 75-220kg each. Crushed cotton seed produces oil primarily used for cooking and is a meal used for animal feed.

Asia is key for both cotton production and consumption. Together, China and India produce more than half of the world’s cotton. India is one of the largest exporters, whereas China is a leading consumer and importer.

The US is the world’s largest exporter and the third largest producer. Remaining world production is spread among more than 50 other countries.

Our strengths in Cotton

Due to solid business relationships and our domestic presence in all key producing markets, our Cotton Platform has steadily increased its business volumes and built a strong reputation with both suppliers and customers.

On top of our leading positions in the US and China, we are also leaders in South America for domestic and international merchandizing.

Our Group has developed and maintained the cotton industry’s premier proprietary research department, employing state-of-the-art technology to harness crucial information on a range of subjects including consumption, weather, economic news, political developments and macroeconomic trends.

Our skill at monitoring and managing supply and demand fundamentals is one of our key competitive advantages.

We are on call 24/7 around the world for business developments and provide timely delivery programs for spinning mills across the globe. This is made possible through the strategic relationships we have with producers and producer cooperatives, our matrix of trading offices located across the globe and our vital logistical assets.

Sustainability story


In Brazil our Cotton Platform has developed a program to awaken environmental awareness in the community

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